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October 22, 2013
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Lex Ferenda: Hymn Laylania by deathALICE Lex Ferenda: Hymn Laylania by deathALICE
        ( Trying out for this group ovo/ )

                        ɤ ›NAME » ɤ ›AGE » ɤ ›HOUSE » ɤ ›BIRTHDAY » ɤ ›HEIGHT / WEIGHT »
                      Hymn Laylania  |  Thirteen  |  Gryffindor  |  October 1st  |  142 cm / 43 kg

                                                                      ɤ › PET:                                                           ɤ › WAND INGREDIENTS:
                                                                                 Pantalae - The Ermine                                                                                  Core
                                                                     High Spirited                                                                    Unicorn
                                                                          Loyal                                                                          Wood
                                                                         Finicky                                                                         Ash
                                                                                                                                                                                                            11 cm


                ɤ ›SPELL LIST:

      » Lumos (LOO-mos)
                Creates a narrow beam of light that shines from the wand's tip, like a torch.

      » Expelliarmus (ex-PELL-ee-ARE-muss)
                Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. 
                 With sufficient power behind it, a Disarming Charm may throw a victim back forcefully. 
                 Disarming Charms are mutually off-setting - when cast against eachother, they generally deflect. 
                 The Disarming Charm is also an effective counter to many spells.

      » Bombarda (bom-BAR-dah
                Provokes a small explosion.

      » Incendio (in-CEN-dee-o
               • Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand.

      » Protego (pro-TAY-goh
               • Magically blocks spells and physical entities.


      » Extra Curricular
                Earth Magic
                Ghoul Studies

      » Elective Classes
                Study of Ancient Runes
                Care of Magical Creatures


                                                                                                  ɤ ›PERSONALITY:

                                                  Courageous | Stubborn | Persistent | Adventurous | Strong-Willed | Energetic | Confident

      Being the daughter of two magic wielding successors, Hymn is very confident in being a Witch and her abilities to conjure supernatural powers.  Not necessarily arrogant but she is sure of herself that she will be as successful as her parents.  She dreams that she will be a great Witch someday and has sworn to herself that she will endure whatever trials she must face to become one.  Whether or not it is her destiny, she won't let anyone tell her otherwise.  when it comes to her beliefs and opinions, it can be quite difficult to sway her.  However, she is will be willing to listen for she is always ready to learn.  Despite her strong-willed personality, she's not very skilled with her spells yet and often causes disasters.  

      Hymn is generally a very energetic girl.  Because of her eagerness to learn, she is always seen looking for new adventures and can be extremely persistent which may come off as annoying.  If she finds something that sparks her interest, she will do all in her power to learn more about it.  And as a result, one can easily tell how naive she is.

      As regards to making friends, she isn't too worried about it.  She pretty much makes everyone her friend by default.  Although if she senses the other person doesn't enjoy her presence, she will keep her distance.  Because she doesn't make it a huge priority, she only has about 1-3 close friends.

      If anyone should ever witness her negative traits, one should leave her alone for when she is disappointed or sad, she will lock herself away from everything and mope for hours.  In conclusion, she's a pretty nice girl to consider as a friend.  Dependable and always willing to do her best. 

                                                                                                    ɤ ›HISTORY:

      Hymn's parents are both very talented pure bloods.  They were pretty much the top students back in their day when they were still students at Hogwarts.  Hymn's father, being a nerd, was not very popular and he usually got picked on when he was younger.  Hymn's mother on the other hand, was just as strange and adventurous and Hymn's father's intelligence was what won her over.  Hymn got along very well with her parents but sometimes they were too busy to give her the attention she needed, so she resorted to meddling in her own business  finding whatever she could find that would entertain her.  She always tinkered in her father's lab where he worked with potions and Hymn found herself very amused by the colorful potions that laid around.  Often times she would get into trouble because she would create explosions by mixing the wrong substances.  Thus she had a thirst to learn more about the outside world and about magic as well as potion making.
      As Hymn grew older, she met a Muggle family her mother had been good friends with.  Hymn did not know much about Muggles, but they seemed fairly friendly.  They even knew magic themselves and the more she hung out with them, the more she learned about Muggles and how badly Muggles were treated by some Pure Bloods.  But Hymn saw no difference and she began to enjoy being friends with the Muggle children.  It wasn't until she influenced them on her potion making and a terrible disaster happened.  One of the Muggle children was badly injured and their parents suspected that Hymn wanted to do bad to their kid and so they moved far away.  It was a depressing time for Hymn and she would lock herself in her room for days.  Months passed and she had forgotten what it felt like to have friends.  But she found herself enjoying her solitude life with her parents out in the countryside.  

      On her 11th birthday, she was invited to attend Hogwarts.  She had been looking forward to it all her life and she will learn all she can about the world of magic.  She will make sure not to make the same mistake in her past and even if she met a Muggle, she will speak nothing of it.  After her first few years attending Hogwarts, she made several friends with other wizards and witches.  Her first being Celandine, who was in the same year.  They shared several interests such as potion making and she found herself learning a lot from Celandine.  


      ɤ ›VOICE

      0:22 - 0:45


      ❤ Autumn
      ❤ Potions
      ❤ Books
      ❤ Celandine ( her friend )
      ❤ Studying

      ☠ Disasters
      ☠ Wizards/Witches who use magic with Evil intentions
      ☠ Bitter Tastes
      ☠ Spiders
      ☠ Getting pranked


      Neighbor/Friend - 
      Neighbor/Friend - 

      Neighbor/Friend -


      » Likes pestering her friends.
      » Often gets lost in Hogwarts even though she's been there before so she always has a map with her.
      » Is somewhat avoiding Muggles.
      » She likes being in high places.
      » Often seen looking for plants at the strangest places.
      » Always up for a challenge.
      » She loves star gazing and would stay up to look at the night sky.

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She's such a cutie! I hope we both get accepted.
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amuupon Oct 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ouuf I wanna join this so bad! o3o I love your characters, she's adorable! Love the big hair :heart:
So cute ! *w*
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And omg She have o much hair!-pets it hard and mess with it->XD
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AAAH! So cute!
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whot a kaway chen
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Is this a Pottermore thing?
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